Marc and his team did a fantastic job restoring my vintage 1968 oak floor.

I am an amateur cabinet maker and fine woodworker so I know a little about this. They carefully prepped, sanded, filled, sealed and finished the floor to achieve one of the most impressive floors I have seen. Their dustless system actually works. I asked them to install an oil-based finish over natural oak as I personally like the look of time-darkened varnish.

Now when I come home every evening, I am impressed how my old floor positively glows. The guys on the crew were great too. I had torn some tendons in my hand and was in a cast. The crew jumped in and shoveled my sidewalks for me during the February snows; much appreciated!

All in all, I would highly recommend Winnwood flooring for restoring wood floors.

John L. Rietman

We recently had new hardwood floors put in our living room and kitchen and we replaced our old soft wood stair treads. We also had 50 year old existing hardwood floors resurfaced. We love our living room now with the new flooring.

The transition between the new and old floors is amazing in that you can’t tell where one stops and the next begins. Marc did a great job blending the old and the new.

Marc also took extra care with the stair treads. He spent long hours making them fit perfectly so that we didn’t need to use any calking. We love our hardwood floors! All in all, we love all of our hardwood floors, old and new.

Mary Firth

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